Toronto woman orders 440 lbs of bagels from famous Montreal spot (VIDEO)

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toronto woman orders bagels

Here at Curiocity we pride ourselves on our love of food. We love keeping ourselves and our audiences up to date on our favourite spots across the country and we think we love food enough that our opinion kind of matters. That being said, a Toronto woman who just ordered 2,000 bagels from St. Viateur in Montreal just made us feel like amateurs.

Yep, you read that right! Over 2,000 bagels were delivered to Rachel Lissner’s west-end doorstep in Toronto this week, as the whole neighbourhood pitched in for the historic delivery. She also raised money for a local charity along with the bagel order. Not a bad move, actually.

CTV captured the whole outrageous order in the video below.

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Well, it looks like we’ll have to up our bagel game in order to keep up with some people. Sure, 440 lbs of bagels might be too much for our work-from-home office, but we might get hungry enough to try.

Have a great weekend, folks!

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