Toronto woman goes viral for refusing to wear a mask at hospital (VIDEO)

Via @LetitiaMontana on Twitter

Social media roasts a Toronto woman who refused to wear a mask at the hospital

By now it’s pretty much public knowledge that wearing a mask in public is a necessity. On top of it literally becoming a law in Toronto, it’s also known to be a super-effective way to keep yourself and those around you safe from COVID-19. So when one Toronto woman took to social media to complain about being asked to wear a mask in a Toronto hospital, people were not having it.

Let’s back it up a little. So this Saturday, Toronto resident Letitia Montana tweeted about how she went to St. Joseph’s Hospital for a suspected broken finger. Once there, she refused to wear a mask. And apparently, “hospital staff asked [her] to leave and immediately called 3 security guards to escort [her] out.” She also attached a video of the interaction, which cuts off before the alleged security guards show up. And since it was posted, it’s racked up over 5 million views.

Now, if you’re wondering what the public’s response to all this was, just take a peek at her replies. Unsurprisingly, people are not impressed. She’s even received condemnation from celebrities and local public figures.

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Toronto city councillor, Michael Ford, replied saying “Translation – ‘I don’t care about you or anyone else but you better care about me.'”

And Star Trek star, George Takei, called it “a new level of moronic and entitled.”

There are thousands of other replies calling out the Torontonian for her reckless behaviour. Yet still, apparently, Letitia Montana stands by her decision. In a later tweet, she stated “I will not endanger my own life or that of my son to comply with the demands of some politicians.”


Well, you probably don’t need us to tell you this, but don’t be like Letitia. It really seems like it’d be common sense by now, but seriously, just wear a mask. Especially if you’re going to a high-risk area full of vulnerable people (like a hospital).

And if you’d like a guide on where to buy one, you can check out ours here!

Stay safe, friends.

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