Toronto may use cellphone tracking to slow the spread of COVID-19

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cellphone data

With the ongoing COVID-19 crisis being so drastic, most people are doing everything they can to try and slow the spread of the virus. Apparently, the City of Toronto is no different. On Monday, Mayor John Tory said they’ll be collecting cellphone data to figure out where people have been gathering in large groups.

However, shortly after he made the statement a staffer then said that the city had no intention of actually doing this. So we’re not really sure what the truth is here…

Now, if you’re worried about what this would mean for your privacy, here’s the deal. IF it does happen, apparently the data would be given anonymously. So no, they aren’t planning to track where individuals are at any given time. Instead, they’re more trying to determine a sort of “heat map” of where highly populated areas are in the city. These areas, of course, would be higher risk locations for the spread of the virus.

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cellphone data

However, at the time that this is being written, reps from Telus and Rogers have publicly stated that they have not been contacted by the Mayor regarding this request. Other large companies like Bell and Shaw have not commented. So yeah, still not really sure if this is actually a thing…

Whether the data collection happens or not, Tory has also said that he’s not actually certain that having the data would make a significant difference. But hey, it’s something he’d like to try.

So umm yeah, keep an eye out for updates on that! We’re not opposed to anything that helps slow down the spread of COVID-19. If it will actually help. But what do you think? Would this be beneficial or would it be a waste of energy? Do you feel like it’d be a breach of privacy? Let us know your thoughts.

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