Toronto is getting 40 KM of expanded bike routes for ActiveTO

Photo via Shutterstock


You know what our favourite part of the city’s response to social distancing has been? The ActiveTO program. Getting people out there and active while keeping them safe has been a super cool thing to see. Especially after a month and a half of straight Netflix binging. Let’s be real, we could all use the extra exercise.

Well, it looks like ActiveTO is here to stay. And even better, it’s expanding! Yup, Toronto City Council has just passed a vote to expand Toronto’s cycling network by 40 KM! That’s a whole lotta extra room for bikes, people. And we already know that we’ll be taking advantage of it.

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This new initiative is made up of 25 KM of brand new bikeways. As well as 15 KM of acceleration of cycling routes that had previously been planned for the year. And all this was approved in a final vote of a whopping 23 to 2.

Tons of people have already been taking advantage of ActiveTO’s efforts. For the past two weekends, we’ve seen plenty of folks out on the streets on bikes, roller skates, or running. And we’re certain that this new extension will only add to that. Stay healthy, people!

For more info, check out the official news release here.