Toronto to start growing food on rooftops of buildings

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Tackling food insecurity requires some inventive ideas, and oh boy do we have one here! The Toronto Board of Health is planning to start planting vegetable gardens on top of and inside infrastructure!

Mental image: happy carrots growing on top of the CN Tower. Okay, maybe not that infrastructure, but you get the idea. Kristyn Wong-Tam, the vice-chair of the Toronto Board of Health, spoke to Global News about their vision for the project.

“We may have rooftop areas in the City of Toronto that are creating heat islands. How do we actually then turn that into a community hub that can also produce food?”

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“So whether it’s a swimming pool that’s now abandoned, is there some opportunity to pursue aquaponics, which can grow food in the swimming pool?”

Toronto Public Health has reported that the cost of healthy food in the city has gone up by 7.6% in the last year. This is the most significant yearly increase in the last decade, so solutions need to be found for Toronto food access and affordability.

So yeah, let’s plant gardens on buildings! The board will be bringing their ideas to the city council, so stay tuned on how it all turns out. We’re totally down for a raspberry bush on our roof.