Toronto and Peel regions to enter lockdown starting next Monday

Via @timmossholder on Unsplash

Toronto business closed

Although there’s a light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel, before we get there Ontario is cracking down. On Friday, the province officially passed 100,000 cumulative cases. Which is why Premier Doug Ford has introduced a whole host of new regulations to keep us all on track.

Officials made the announcement today, with the new rules going into effect on Monday. At the moment, the province is sitting at a 4.1% test positivity rate, with most of those cases coming from the Toronto and Peel regions. Needless to say, these are the areas that the stricter rules are targeting.

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So what are these new regulations? For starters, gyms and personal care services like barbers and salons will all be closed. Additionally, restaurants and bars are now longer allowed to offer dine-in services. And finally, essential stores and services (like supermarkets) will be capped at 50% capacity.

All of these restrictions and more are set to last for 28 days, but could be extended if the test positivity rate doesn’t improve. It looks like we’ll be using curbside pickup and delivery for our holiday shopping this year!

You know the drill, people. Stay at home as much as possible, and when you do need to go out wear that mask and keep your distance. We’re pros at adapting to COVID-19 rules by now!

For more information about the lockdown, head to the government of Ontario website.