Top Toronto Doctor wants more restrictions at bars and restaurants



Toronto, if you’ve been paying attention you know we may be headed into a real doozy. That brief, shining moment this summer when numbers were low and we all thought this virus could be behind us seems to be ending. Over the past few weeks, Ontario’s new case totals have been steadily increasing. Most recently, we saw a record high of 700 new cases in the province. Because of this, new restrictions were just placed on bars and restaurants. But now, Toronto’s top Doctor is saying they may not be enough.

When speaking to the press on Monday, Toronto’s medical officer of health, Dr. Eileen de Villa, stated that she’ll be proposing even more restrictions on bars and restaurants. As of right now, bars and restaurants are required to stop serving alcohol at 11 PM and close (except for takeout and delivery) at midnight. Plus, strip clubs have been closed altogether. All this officially went into effect over the weekend.

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If Dr. De Villa’s recommendations go through, we’d be seeing even more rules and regulations at these establishments. For starters, the limit on the number of people inside bars and restaurants would go from 100 to 75. Places would also collect contact information from every dining patron (for contact tracing if someone tests positive). There’d be a reduction in the limit of people per table from 10 to 6. Plus, places would have to lower background music volume to a conversational level. This is to cut down on the risk of spreading the virus through folks leaning in to speak with others or yelling.

All of this will be presented at the city council meeting on Wednesday for them to decide. Mayor John Tory has already publicly stated that he stands behind Dr. De Villa’s recommendations. So we’re thinking it’s a fair bet they go through.

You can read Dr. De Villa’s full statement right here.