This list reveals the top cities in Canada for cheating

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Ok, we’re pretty jacked up about this one, because we don’t have to worry about getting sponsored content from Ashley Madison anytime soon. The ‘married but dating’ website has released a list of the top cities in Canada for cheating.

What does it tell us? Well, we think it reveals the most desperate cities in the country when it comes to conventional marriage. What kind of bozo thinks to themselves ‘Hey, I’m unsatisfied with this setup, maybe I should try to covertly engage in an affair online, and I should trust a website that has been hacked before‘.

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We don’t even really endorse marriage in the first place, but come on. This is one of the snakiest ways around a difficult situation we can think of. Maybe try marriage counselling, or taking time apart, or, we don’t know, actually talking about your problems with your spouse.

So, congratulations to the folks in Guelph, Ontario. You guys officially have the highest number of lowkey cheaters in the country. Wear your shady badge proudly!

Anyway, that does it for the list of highest ranking cheating cities in Canada. Thinking of risking your relationship and subsequent standing in your friend group? Head on over to Ashley Madison and roll the dice!

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