The weather is finally starting to cool down this weekend in Toronto

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We’re halfway through August, people! Ya know what that means? We’re only a few short weeks away from the beginning of autumn. Sure, we could be sad about saying goodbye to the freedom and sunshine that comes with summertime. But as the weather starts to cool and the leaves begin changing colours, it’ll all be so pretty we just know we won’t be mad about it!

So it looks like this weekend we’ll be starting to see the very beginning of that transition. After a long summer of heat warnings and crazy high temps, things are finally cooling down. Don’t worry, it’ll still be warm enough for all those fun summer activities you’ve got planned. But we’ll finally get a break from sweating through our clothes and heat exhaustion. Which, if you ask us, is pretty great.

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So let’s break it down. This Friday will be the most summery-sunshine day with a high of 28°C that’ll feel like 33°C. There won’t be a cloud in the sky. So if you’re planning a beach day, Friday’s your best bet.

Then things’ll cool down on Saturday when we’ll see cloudy skies and a high of 26°C. But don’t whip out that fall jacket just yet, it’ll still feel as high as 32°C. Our coldest day will be Sunday when we’ll be getting some light showers and a high of 22°C. It’ll really feel like 26°C though, which is still pretty warm. But after the heat we’ve seen this summer, it’ll definitely feel on the cooler side.

So there ya have it! This weekend’s weather is perfect for strolls in the park, a little gardening, or even some apple picking. We know we’ll be spending as much time outdoors as we can. We’ve gotta soak up the end of summer, after all!