The University of Toronto has cancelled spring 2020 convocation ceremonies

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In the latest of cancellations and closures, thanks to coronavirus (aka COVID-19), the University of Toronto has just dropped a doozy on us. And people are not pleased. In a Tweet that went out Wednesday, UofT has announced that the upcoming spring 2020 convocation ceremonies have been cancelled. Not postponed. Cancelled.

Understandably, some of the students have taken to Twitter and Facebook to voice their less-than-impressed reactions. While it makes sense that the ceremonies should not go on this June as scheduled, many are confused as to why they have not been pushed to a later date. With other schools in the province postponing their convocations, the University of Toronto students are feeling a little disappointed.

Okay, they’re more than a little disappointed. In fact, they’re so upset that an online petition has been started to convince the university to postpone instead of cancel. And, at the time this is being written, it already has over 14,000 signatures. And that number is going up quickly, y’all.

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We can’t say we don’t see where the students are coming from. After spending thousands of dollars and 4 (or more) years enduring one of the most academically rigorous schools in the country, this cancellation certainly seems like the graduates are getting the short end of the stick.

Plus, one student even said she found out about it on Twitter, before the University sent out emails notifying their students. Tweeting before telling your students? C’mon UofT, be better…

The University says it is currently “exploring alternative means of celebrating” graduation. So keep your eyes peeled for updates on that.

In the meantime, if you’d like to support the graduating class of 2020, sign the petition here.

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