The most perfect winter getaway is just a short flight from Toronto

Via SKI Mag

Ontario has some skiing, but dare we say it, Quebec might have better skiing. Porter Airlines just resumed flights between Billy Bishop and Mont-Tremblant, so there’s a literal winter wonderland waiting for you on the other side of that flight!

We don’t often tell you about things that aren’t Toronto things, but we think this is an ideal winter long weekend getaway. Sometimes you gotta get out of the city for a little, we get it! If you’ve got some days off to burn, why not spend them snowboarding, dog sledding, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, or snowmobiling?

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No worries if you’re not Outdoorsy™, you can shop, eat, and soak the day away in a spa. We intend to spend at least 6 hours with cucumber slices on our eyes, please do not disturb.

This sounds very ad-y, we know. We just really want you to make the most of the winter, what can we say? Nothing makes minus 20 suck less than an inclusive getaway package, honestly.

Check out flights, pack those skis, and make the most out of this frozen wasteland!