The NHL season has been suspended until further notice

Via St. Louis Blues

nhl suspended

Following in the footsteps of both the NBA and the National Lacrosse League, the NHL announced today that all games have been suspended until further notice. The decision comes in the wake of COVID-19, and after previously deciding that practices, meetings and morning skates would also be suspended.

The rapidly-escalating situation has seen major athletes, celebrities and heads of state become directly affected. Since the NHL shares stadiums and arenas with the NBA, it’s been decided to play it safe.

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No word yet on how the league plans to move forward with the season. While games could be postponed, there’s also the possibility of determining playoff positions based on current point spreads.

We’ll keep you updated as more details are released. And if you’d like to educate yourself on COVID-19, then check out the Government of Canada’s official webpage.

*Note: This story may be updated as further information becomes available.