The new Canadian F1 driver has chosen to rep #6 for Toronto

Photo via @nicholaslatifi Instagram

The newest F1 driver, Nicholas Latifi, has decided to pay tribute to his hometown and pick the number 6 for the upcoming 2020 season. Considering the money involved in F1 racing, drawing attention to Toronto might be solid for the city’s racing community.

Latifi will be joining ROKiT Williams this season (formerly Williams Martini). The team has been struggling recently, with 2019 being a particularly difficult year for them. However, maybe a fresh face will shake things up over there!

At least, we hope that ends up being the case. It’s not often that Canadians become F1 drivers. In fact, it’s super weird that there are two active drivers this year.

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Fun random fact about this whole thing: Latifi took the number of Nico Rosberg, who won the F1 World Championship in 2016. He took it as a nod to Toronto. Well, Rosberg is only one of two drivers in history who had fathers that won before they themselves did. Guess who Rosberg’s dad was the F1 driver for? Williams, way back in 1982.

Knowledge is power, folks! Even if that knowledge is completely irrelevant and Toronto will most likely never even see an F1 race. Oh well, Montreal isn’t that far away. At least he’s repping us.

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