The heat wave continues with temps that feel like 42° in Toronto this week

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weather toronto

Whew, this weather’s been crazy, Toronto! It feels like it’s been years since we’ve had a summer quite this hot. It looks like the heat from this weekend will be continuing into the week. And not only that, it’s ramping up a notch. Yup, it turns out it actually can get even hotter in this city. And this week will definitely be proof of that.

So let’s break it down. Today’s gonna be one of the milder days. We’ve got clear skies and a high of 26°. But it’s gonna feel like 31° and humidity is sitting at 54%. So be prepared for that thick-air sweaty feeling when you’re around town today.

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weather toronto

And the rest of the week is only getting hotter. On Tuesday we’ve got a high of 34° that’ll feel like 38°. Wednesday is a high of 33° that feels like 40°. And Thursday and Friday are our real scorchers with highs of 36° and 35° respectively. Although both will feel as high as 42°. Oof.

So it’s pretty much just like the past few weeks of high-intensity heat. Only this week, we don’t have the risk of thunderstorms to break it all up! Did you ever think you’d miss all the thunderstorms in the city? Yeah, neither did we…

Anyway, if you’re spending time outside this week, make sure you’ve got a water bottle at the ready and take loads of breaks in the shade. Good luck out there, everyone!