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The famed Toronto Christmas Market is officially cancelled this year

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With each new event cancellation, we’re reminded of just how long this global pandemic has been going on. Remember when we were bummed about missing out on St Patrick’s Day? Feels like a lifetime ago. Well, if you want a real marker of just how much time has passed during this mess, this new cancellation will give that to you. The Toronto Christmas Market is the latest of the 2020 events to go. Ooof. Imagine if someone told you back in March that we’d still be dealing with this by the winter holidays…

But here we are. The official announcement came from organizers of the event on Monday. For the first time in 11 years, the Distillery District will not be hosting the iconic Christmas extravaganza. In a normal year, the festival usually racks up about 700,000 visitors over its six-week period. So although we’re disappointed by the cancellation, it’s quite clear that it’s absolutely necessary.

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Now, before you get too bummed about all this, you may be happy to know that the Distillery District won’t be completely joy-free this holiday season. Instead of the Toronto Christmas Market, this year they’ll be hosting something called the “Winter Village.” Although it won’t be exactly the same as the annual event we know and love, it will feature some of the classic gorgeous decor like the massive Christmas tree and fancy lights.

If you stop by, make sure you’re wearing your mask and maintaining physical distance from others.

The Winter Village will run from early November until March. Hopefully, the extended lifespan will also cut down on the crowding we typically see during the Christmas Market’s six-week stint.

In the meantime, hang in there, peeps. We know all your favourite events being cancelled isn’t exactly fun, but it’s what needs to happen to keep Toronto safe.

Stay healthy, everyone.