The City of Toronto wants to extend patio season with heaters this year

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toronto patio season portable heaters

Everyone knows patio season is the best season in Toronto. So when the weather starts getting cooler and the prospect of saying goodbye to our beloved patios rolls around, we’re usually pretty sad about it. But not this year! Because the city of Toronto is extending patio season with portable outdoor heaters!!

That’s right, the official announcement came this morning and we are PUMPED about it. Normally, it’d require a whole host of hefty paperwork to get a permit for outdoor heating. But now, the process is being streamlined! Don’t worry though, all the heaters will still be up to Toronto Fire Services code and will be monitored to ensure safety. It’ll all just be a little easier to implement than in normal years.

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You know what this means, right? First of all, we can enjoy all our favourite patios for a little while longer. Secondly, it keeps things a little safer with social distancing, because it’s generally understood that outdoor dinning is better than inside. Thirdly, we already know how gorgeous Toronto patios are in the summer but just imagine them surrounded by the colours of fall. We’ve got a feeling we’re about to discover a whole beautiful new layer to the city…

So fear not patio lovers. Thanks to these new portable heaters, we don’t have to say goodbye to one of our favourite summer activities just yet.

You can learn more here.