Starbucks delivery is officially launching across Canada today

Via @starbucks on Instagram

Getting up off the couch to feed yourself is so yesterday. In the days of quick and easy food delivery (easy as long as the Skip guy listens to your instructions on how to get inside the apartment building), it’s finally time for Starbucks delivery! Canada officially got Starbucks delivery today, which means you’re welcome to send a caramel frap our way if you feel like it.

The delivery comes thanks to Uber, but also sort of its own thing. It’s part of the new Starbucks Delivers program, which is being run by Uber Eats. Major Canadian cities are now able to have their venti mocha triple shot half sweet etc. etc. at their doorstep.

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Right now, the delivery is available in major Canadian cities. Have no fear, small just-far-off-enough-township! If delivery goes well (and we think it will), Starbucks plans to expand the program into smaller cities.

Hop on that Uber Eats and get yourself some coffee, pals! What a time to be alive.

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