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Spice up your quarantine doing virtual wine tasting in Napa Valley

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Quarantine, more like quaran-cation. Okay okay, that one was rough. But you can certainly feel like you’re on a vacation (kind of) with this cool virtual wine tasting experience! Check out the Priority Wine Pass to plan your next Napa Valley retreat with the gals. This time, you’ll be able to hit up the boujee spot right from your living room!

We’ve already told you about all the incredible wine delivery services there are in the province. Well, why not step it up a notch. And turn wine delivery into a whole-ass event? Yup, you can make the most of self-isolation with sips of pinot and video chats with your buds.

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All you’ve gotta do is round up your pals (virtually, of course) and head over to this website. From there you can purchase your wine selections and pick your wine tasting date. Then the wine will be delivered right to your door and you can just log on for you to be treated to the perfect wine tasting experience, complete with delicious samples and an expert to guide you through them! We could certainly get used to that!

So wine-not hit up this website for a little quarantine entertainment? What better way to spend self-isolation than video chatting with your buds and drinking the days away? Be sure to drink responsibly, though.


Where: Check it out virtually here.

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