Some things to consider for Earth Day 2019

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Alright team, time to talk about the earth a little. Earth Day is happening on Monday, April 22 and we’re gearing up to do our part. Be warned though, this probably isn’t going to be a particularly ‘feel good’ article. Frankly, we’ve been real bozos over the past couple of centuries, and the situation is getting pretty weird.

We’ve broken down three different ways that humans are affecting the earth, and how you can help out. After all, we can all be part of the solution, not the problem.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

So, uh, climate change is a real thing that is being sped up by human activity. There, we said it, you know our stance now. Yes, Canada only contributes less than 2% of GHG emissions, while China’s last report had them at 26%. But the world is no longer driven by policies, it’s driven by the open market. If Canada and the US, alongside other developed nations, demonstrate a capital commitment to investing in renewables and alternative forms of transportation, then chances are high that China will follow suit, eventually.

What you can do– well, take the bus more often if possible, maybe buy an electric or at least hybrid car, and support policies that encourage growth in the renewable sector.


Deforestation is bad for a couple of reasons. First off, it destroys animal habitats, leading to a loss of biodiversity. Second, fewer trees mean more CO2 sitting in the atmosphere. So, yeah, bad for sure.

What you can do– Try and avoid brands that don’t care where their palm oil comes from, maybe plant a couple of trees here and there, and donate to charities that fight deforestation in developing nations.

Plastic Pollution

Here’s another fun fact- did you know that the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, located in between California and Hawaii, covers roughly 1.6 million square kilometres? That’s three times the size of France. The main source of ‘marine debris’ is plastic from rivers, which maybe isn’t a massive issue in Canada but sure as heck is going to get wild on a global scale in the coming years.

What you can do– try to incorporate reusable containers into your lifestyle, encourage companies to adopt biodegradable packaging, and donate to charities that aim to reduce pollution in developing nations.

So, that’s our take on some of the major issues to keep in mind this Earth Day. Here is a little further reading for those of you who want to get even more bummed out.


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Oh, and don’t forget to make a conscious effort on Monday, April 22nd, to really step up your Green game. We’ve only got one earth, after all.

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