Send a Thank You Card to frontline medical workers anywhere in Canada

Via Mark It Proud

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Have you been sitting at home watching the news and wondering if there’s anything at all you could be doing to help the current situation? Well, firstly, staying at home is the best thing you can do to help. So, thank you for that. But if you want to show a little appreciation for the folks on the frontline fighting the virus, now there’s a way to!

Mark It Proud has just announced a new initiative that lets you send thank you cards to frontline workers. And it’s absolutely free! So there’s no excuse not to send a little love to the people who are working day in and day out to keep you safe and healthy.

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So here’s what you’ve gotta do. Head on over to the website and pick out your favourite card design. Then shoot them a DM on Instagram or an email to with the name of the card, the person you’re sending it to, the message you want to include, and the recipient’s address.

They’ll send the card anywhere within Canada for free! Plus, if you don’t have a specific person in mind and just wanna show a lil love to the nurses, doctors, or grocery store clerks at work, they’ll also send them to more general business locations as well.

So get online and pick out that thank you card. With all that’s going on, the frontline workers more than deserve it.