See where Toronto ranks on the list of safest cities in Canada

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Maclean’s just released its list of safest cities and towns in Canada. So, where does your city may fall in the ranking? Well, Toronto wasn’t exactly anywhere near the top of this particular list, but some Ontario towns did much better!

The company’s statistics agency took three major factors into account to create their list. Gathering data from each province’s police departments, they were able to determine a ‘crime severity index,’ or CSI for short. Jerry Bruckheimer’s lawyers are already on the phones for that one. The CSI of each city was based on the nature of any crimes committed, rate over the last 5 years, and the city population.

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safest cities in canada la salle

LaSalle came in first, with Petawawa taking the silver. Nicely done, Ontario. A New Brunswick town slid into third before a run of Ontario towns took 4th through 7th. These include Selwyn, Milton, Essex, and The Nation.

So, how did our beloved Toronto fare? Too far down the list for us to count, right behind Chestermere, AB and ahead of Lacombe, AB. We were roughly in the middle of the 237 communities surveyed, which is solidly mediocre! Not bad when you consider Toronto’s size, right? We did have a roughly 6% increase in our five-year CSI, though. No, it wasn’t a positive change.

Check out the complete list of the safest cities in Canada right here.

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