Second Cup locations turning into legal pot shops

Photo via @secondcupcanada InstagramPhoto via

Move over, caffeine: we’ve got a new favourite vice, and it rhymes with “blannabis”. Second Cup is embracing legalization and converting a bunch of its cafes to recreational marijuana dispensaries– so keep reading for everything you’ve gotta know about the big switch.

According to the company’s third-quarter earnings report, two conversions are already underway in Alberta, and “many more locations” have been considered for conversion in Ontario. However, since weed sales are still restricted to the ON government’s website, plans will have to be put on hold till 2019.

cannabis leaf in coffeeOnce everything’s got the green light, though– haha, get it?– Second Cup plans to build a network of branded stores under the name Meta Cannabis Supply Co. They’ll be working with Ontario’s National Access Cannabis Corp., so basically, this is a dream team scenario.

What do we think, Toronto – are we ready to see thousands of brick-and-mortar pot shops gracing our streets?

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