Scotiabank Arena is about to get a multimillion-dollar renovation

Via Toronto Raptors on TwitterVia Scotiabank Arena

Next up on Real Housewives of Toronto, Becky gets a facelift and nip/tuck. Then, the Scotiabank Arena will be getting a several-million-dollar renovation. We’ve been watching too much TV, sorry.

Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment has announced plans to revamp the arena to make viewing experiences better for the plebs, AKA us. Much of the budget will address bigger screens for fans far away from the action.

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Now, the screen will be 40 percent bigger than the existing one, which is no Michael Scott flatscreen to begin with! Additionally, there will be another screen across the building to show multiple games at the same time.

Finally, a bridge connection CIBC Square and the arena will allow fans to split their travel routes to avoid toooo much congestion.

Renos are underway, so keep a far-away eye out on that massive screen!


Where: 40 Bay St

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