Operation Ramzieh is delivering crisis kits to Ontario’s most vulnerable

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It’s no secret that the elderly are one of the most vulnerable groups amid the ongoing coronavirus (aka COVID-19) crisis. Because of their high risk, many of them haven’t been able to go out to grocery stores to pick up some of the necessities. Well, thankfully there’s a non-profit dedicated to helping this group in need. And it’s called Operation Ramzieh.

The initiative was started by DreamMind Group and its hope is to help the struggling population in both Ottawa and Toronto get through these difficult times. So how are they doing it? They’re delivering free crisis kits to those most vulnerable. Great work, DreamMind Group!

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The crisis kits are packed with grocery essentials like granola bars, rice, tomato sauce, and bread. Plus, they’ll include the high demand household items like toilet paper. The program has just launched at they are expecting to have their first round of deliveries by Thursday.

So if you want to support this great charity, click here to donate. Or if you or someone you know could use this service, follow this link to register.

We love seeing the community band together to help those in need!

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