Ontario is making hundreds of ventilators to help with COVID-19 relief

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One of the biggest concerns of the ongoing coronavirus (aka COVID-19) crisis has been surrounding medical supplies. If the curve isn’t flattened (by social distancing) and hospitals become overwhelmed with patients, are there enough supplies to treat everyone? Well, although that problem is not exactly solved yet, Ontario has been working tirelessly to tackle it.

And there’s been a ton of progress! As it turns out, a Toronto company called Thornhill Medical is in the process of making 500 ventilators. And apparently, they’ll be ready to use in hospitals by early April. That’s right around the corner, ya’ll!

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This new equipment will make a huge difference in the treatment of COVID-19 patients. Because it is a respiratory infection, ventilators are vital. However, it is only a dent in what will be needed if coronavirus continues to spread. So, while this is great news, it certainly should not be used as an excuse not to social distance.

There is still tons of other equipment that the country is short on including masks, gloves, and other essential protective medical gear. It’s the stuff that keeps healthcare workers safe and able to continue saving lives.

So while we hope for those supplies to come in, let’s celebrate finding out about the new ventilators by STAYING HOME. Seriously. It our best defence right now.

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