Not all of the Toronto Blue Jays are coming home just yet

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If you’re as big of a Toronto Blue Jays fan as we are, then you already know that our favourite team is coming home to train at the Rogers Centre this summer. Up until recently, the Jays had been hard at work at their Dunedin, Florida camp. And although we’re super pumped about the team coming home, it turns out that not all the Blue Jays actually will be.

So it looks like one of the players recently tested positive for COVID-19. This means that they, along with everyone who came in close contact with them, will not be returning to Toronto just yet. In fact, they won’t be allowed into the Rogers Centre until all of them have produced two negative tests. Apparently, this was the protocol agreed to between the MLB and the Canadian government.

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Of course, all of this is to ensure the players that do return are as safe as possible. And it also protects the people of Toronto by keeping the infected from entering our city. Which makes sense. But still, it would be nice if all our Blue Jays could return at the same time. And we’ll be crossing our fingers that the player who tested positive makes a speedy recovery.

But in the meantime, most of the team is back. And while we’re still not sure if actual games will be held at the Rogers Centre, knowing that the Toronto Blue Jays are training where they belong is happy news for now.

Stay healthy, everyone!

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