Multiple confirmed tornados went through Southern Ontario this weekend

Via @AndyBlizzard87 on Twitter


Did you think Toronto had it rough this weekend with the weather? Yeah, we got some pretty hefty thunderstorms for a minute there. But Environment Canada has just confirmed that parts of the province were actually hit by tornados this weekend. Whew, our heavy rain isn’t looking so bad now, is it?

Yup, apparently tornados hit parts of Camden East, Oxford Mills, Kinmount, and Mitchell, Ontario. They touched down around 7 PM on Sunday, but early reports show that damage was fairly minimal overall. But there were also reports of trees being torn down and roofs being pulled off of buildings. Oof. At least we don’t know of anyone who was badly hurt.

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Environment Canada is classifying the tornados in Camden East and Oxford Mills as EF-0. That is the weakest storm on the commonly used Enhanced Fujita scale. The tornado in Kinmount was a little stronger, ranked by Environment Canada at EF-1. And the storm in Mitchell has not yet been rated.

Whew, and there you have it. We were super lucky here in Toronto to not be in the line of damage of this thing. But we’re sending all the love to the towns across Ontario that were hit. Stay safe out there, everyone!