Most of Ontario is heading to Stage 3 of reopening this Friday

Via @fordnation on Twitter

stage 3

We got a major announcement in terms of reopening today, Ontario! Premier Ford has officially declared that a ton of areas within the province will be moving into Stage 3 of the reopening plan as early as this Friday. Whew, that’s almost entirely back to normal, folks!

So let’s break down what Stage 3 actually means. To use Ford’s words, “every corner of our province is getting back to work.” This includes things like indoor dining at restaurants, live performances and art shows, movie theatres, and playgrounds. It also means that gatherings will be allowed for groups of up to 50 people indoors and 100 outdoors.

Wow, after all this time social distancing, those large crowds seem insane, don’t they?

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Of course, all of these newly reopening spots will have a ton of health measures in place. Folks will still be expected to physically distance and wear masks. And places will have increased cleaning protocols, as well.

Now, before you get too excited you should know that not ALL of the province is moving forward this Friday. Regions like Toronto, Hamilton, Durham, Niagara, Peel, Windsor-Essex, and more will all be remaining in Stage 2 for the time being. Many of these spots spent more time in Stage 1, so it makes sense that they’re being held back just a little.

So brace yourselves, Ontario. It looks like Stage 3 is right around the corner!

Stay healthy, everyone!

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