More tourists visited Canada in 2019 than ever before

Via @victoraerden on InstagramVia CNW Group/Destination Canada

Guess what, friends! For the third year in a row, Canada has experienced a record-breaking number of tourists! According to Destination Canada, a whopping 22.1 million tourists came to our beautiful country last year, breaking the 22 million mark for the first time ever.

So, where was everyone coming from? Perhaps unsurprisingly, America and Mexico dominated the year in terms of tourism growth. Both of those countries were up 12% year over year. For Mexico, that means 496k travellers, while the US was responsible for the bulk of tourism to Canada, with 15M visitors coming last year.

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Destination Canada estimates that Canada’s tourism industry represents roughly $104.9B in tourism expenditures, and contributes about $43.5B to Canada’s GDP. Nothing to shake a stick at, especially since they think that 10% of Canadian jobs are supported by tourism.

Of course, who wouldn’t want to come to Canada? Mountains, lakes, rivers, prairies, forests, rainforests, arctic deserts…. we’ve got it all! If you need us, we’ll be planning a summer road trip. First up, we’re going to see what’s up in Saskatchewan. After that, maybe we’ll get really crazy and hit northern Manitoba.

You can check out the press release here.

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