Merry Xmas from the gov’t! Canada cleared edible cannabis products

Photo via Shutterstock

The Government of Canada has approved the sale of new cannabis products in the country starting this December. Although the regulation comes into effect on October 17, it will take another two months for retailers to be able to sell it online or in stores.

Looks like Christmas does not come early for the cannabis industry. Here’s what we know about the new regulations.

First, the good. The new regulation means that consumers can buy extracts, beverages, edibles and topical products in stores. From vape pens to gummies and even lotions, cannabis-infused products are going to be that much more diverse.

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We say finally. Even from our friends’ habits, it’s clear that edibles and extracts on extremely popular on Canada’s black market.

Next, the bad. The Government will be reviewing products to determine their eligibility for sale. And apparently, any product that appeals to children is going to be a no-go. Does that mean no weed-infused gummy bears? Probably.

Also, restaurants will not be allowed to sell cannabis-infused products. Not that bad of a hit, but it would be fun to see weed butter on a steak at the Keg. Oh well, we’re sure it will come in time!

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