MEC just opened a massive flagship on Queen West


MEC has opened its newest wonderland of expensive outdoorsy stuff! The new flagship on Queen West is open for business, and it’s already packed. Expensive backpacks, paddleboards, bikes, roping equipment we wouldn’t know where to start with… it’s all there!

There were some concerns during the construction of the 54,000 sq ft. mecca. Firstly, the building got chirped for being kind of ugly. Queen West is undeniably one of Toronto’s most vibrant areas, and some locals felt the design wasn’t worthy of the real estate.

mec queen west

mec flagship

Additionally, others voiced concerns about another “big box” superstore opening downtown. However, MEC has stuck fiercely to their carbon neutral commitment and multi-million non-profit conservation and recreation support. Also, a lifetime membership is still $5, which hasn’t changed in eons.

Despite some growing pains, the new location is already bustling. It replaces a smaller location on King West that’s now destined to become condo space.


Also, there are some dang cool features! In true MEC style, shoppers can test new shoes or harnesses on the 1000 sq ft. indoor climbing wall. They can utilize virtual reality displays to evaluate new tents or get a feel for hiking boots on simulated trails.

Just be careful with the kayaks. You break it, you buy it. Kidding! Maybe…? That’s a $1700 gamble we aren’t willing to take.

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Additionally, there are plans to make the store a community hub. These include classes, events, Learn to Camp seminars, clinics, and reservable space for local outdoors organizations.

With over 5 million co-op members in Canada and 500,000 in the GTA alone, we suspect it’ll be around awhile.


Where: 300 Queen St W