Mayor John Tory is hoping to make face masks mandatory in the GTA

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face masks

If you’ve been out and about in Toronto these days, then you know that most of the city has committed itself to wearing non-medical masks in public. However, some folks just haven’t gotten on board yet. And it looks like Mayor John Tory is having none of that, since he wants to make non-medical masks mandatory in Toronto and the GTA.

The agreement would be a collaboration with leaders of cities just outside of Toronto. And together, they hope to appeal to the province of Ontario for stricter enforcement of mask wearing. And as regions across the province continue to open up, we can see the urgency.

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It’s pretty much become public knowledge that wearing a mask is essential to protecting yourself and others from the spread of COVID-19. Because the virus moves through water droplets, covering your face prevents you from being the source of those droplets. And if everyone gets on board, then hopefully the spread of COVID-19 will be slowed significantly.

While some private businesses have made mask wearing mandatory, there’s no word yet on whether the practice will become GTA-wide. So keep on checking back for updates on that!

And in the meantime, even though it’s not mandatory, it is strongly encouraged that you wear a mask in public. So please do that, Toronto. It’s a super easy practice that helps keep everyone safe.

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