It’s going to feel like 35 degrees in Toronto today

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Hey, let’s talk about Toronto weather. We don’t normally talk about the weather besides small talk and exceptional happenings, and this is a bit of both. It’s almost the middle of the month, but we might have jumped the gun getting all excited about fall dates and leaf colours. It’s about to feel like a downright summer day here!

Actually, that’s only the start of it. Besides the fact that it’s going to be 28 degrees today (feeling like 35, holy smokes), there are some weird things in the ol’ forecast.

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toronto weather

Temperatures will drop around 10 degrees in 24 hours, and apparently according to sciencey science stuff, we could be in for some maaajor thunderstorms. This should all kickstart the leaves turning and the ~fall vibes~.

In the meantime, maybe we should pull the speedo out for one last beach day. Speedo September? It’s the perfect end to Hot Girl Summer, if you ask us.

You’re weird, Toronto weather. Stay cool out there, sweaty friends!

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