Here’s what to know about Toronto’s new mandatory mask bylaw


mask bylaw

It’s official, people. If you’re not wearing a mask every time you’re out in public, now’s the time to start. Because Toronto has just passed a bylaw that makes wearing a non-medical mask in enclosed public spaces mandatory. You’re no longer wearing a mask just out of kindness and consideration for the health and safety of others. Now it’s the law. So hop on board, cause we’re gonna break it down for you.

Toronto’s mandatory mask/face covering bylaw becomes official tomorrow, July 7th. And basically, it states that all Torontonians must wear a face mask or covering that masks their nose, mouth, and chin (without gapping) any time they are in enclosed public spaces. These spaces include spots like retail stores, malls, convenience stores, libraries, art galleries, museums, community centres, and more.

And with so many of these spots reopening to the public these days, it’s super important to be prepared with your mask if you plan on visiting any of them.

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Now, some of the spots that aren’t included in the bylaw are places like schools, hospitals, and some apartment buildings. However, we’d still recommend wearing a mask if you find yourself in any of those locations.

There are a few people who are exempt from the new rule. Like children who are under two years old and those with medical conditions that make wearing, or putting on and removing a mask without assistance, difficult. But for the most part, you can expect to see a more masked people around the city.

Of course, all of this is in place to ensure the health and safety of Toronto residents. Which is definitely something we can get behind. So put on that mask and have a grand old day.

You can read more about the official bylaw here.