Here’s what the intense storm in Toronto looked like yesterday (VIDEO)


toronto storm

Okay, what is up with the weather these days? First, it was the scorching heat. Then a super intense storm arrived yesterday complete with flash flooding that seemed to come out of nowhere! What’s going on, people??

So some neighbourhoods were pretty much untouched by all the insanity yesterday. But others were hit so hard that trees were falling down, power lines were affected, and obviously major damage was caused. There actually was a tornado warning for a short time in Toronto yesterday but that got cancelled shortly after. But despite the craziness, some Torontonians still got outside to snap some pictures and videos of the weather.

Here’s what yesterday’s wild storm in Toronto looked like according to Twitter.

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Whew, those are some pretty scary sights! Did you see the video where it looked like it was almost snowing? Seriously, y’all, what is UP?

Anyway, we hope you all stayed safe during this. And to everyone who took these pics and videos instead of running for cover, you are much much braver souls than us.