Here’s an update on the Toronto Zoo’s adorable baby red panda

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red panda

The Toronto Zoo made history a few weeks ago with the birth of their first red panda cubs since 1996. Two healthy and absolutely-freaking-adorable cubs were born on July 14th, 2020. If you’re like us and fell in love with these little gals the second you laid your eyes on their photo a month ago, then you’ll be excited to hear the latest update on their progress.

So we’ll start with the sad news. As you know, two female cubs were born on the 14th. But on July 22nd, the Toronto Zoo took to Facebook to announce that one of the babies had tragically passed away overnight. The suspicion is that their mother, Ila, was not producing enough milk to keep both the cubs healthy. So although the zoo was providing supplemental feedings, after a long night in the animal ICU one just wasn’t strong enough to make it. As you can imagine, the Toronto Zoo, and all the fans of these pandas, were heartbroken by the news.

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But now let’s get to the happy stuff. There’s no need to worry about the other little cub. Because the latest is that this little gal is doing great. She’s still quite small for her age, weighing in at 300g at 30 days old. But apparently she’s been growing quite quickly and passing loads of important milestones. The Toronto Zoo says that her mother’s been doing a fabulous job caring for her while still allowing the keepers to step in when needed. Overall, everyone’s optimistic that this little cub is gonna be ay-okay.

We’re glad to hear that things are going well with this adorable little panda! Once she’s strong enough for visitors, you already know we’ll be the first to stop by. We’ll see ya there!


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