Guess how many tourists visited Toronto last year?

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Would you visit Toronto if you didn’t live here? We like to hope the answer would be “well duh yes.” The number of tourists who visited Toronto last year is proof we’ve got a pretty cool city here.

According to CBC and a report by Tourism Toronto, a hefty 27.5 million tourists visited Toronto in 2018. If you expand that to the GTA, the number of visitors reaches 44.5 million. That’s like the entire population of Argentina, folks!

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The majority of visitors (85%) were Canadian, with 9% coming from the States and the rest coming from overseas. Futher, the tourism sector brought in $10.3 billion for the city. Pretty solid chunk of change there.

Mind you, this is 2018 data. Next year, we’ll be able to see what kind of impact the Raptors win had on tourism and tourism $$$ in the city. We’re thinking it was a pretty major year!

Were you one of the millions of tourists in Toronto in the last year? Hey, what’s up. Welcome. Enjoy your stay here.

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