Fun Guy Kawhi Leonard has a blast with his fam at Niagara Falls

Via Yahoo SportsVia

Kawhi Leonard had a Toronto bucket list: win an NBA championship, win a Finals MVP award, and visit Niagara Falls. Okay dude, put work in! The last of his Canadian to-do list was crossed off this week, when the sports superstar took his fam for a sweet day at the Falls.

Apparently, Niagara Falls reached out to the team at the end of the season to offer a nice little day trip. Kawhi had mentioned visiting the Falls was on his bucket list when he was traded to Toronto, so the man made moves!

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He was joined by his daughter, girlfriend, aunt, uncle, and mom. The group visited Journey Behind the Falls, the Butterfly Conservatory, and Bird Kingdom. Kawhi Leonard: does anything. Everyone: OMG.

However, what started as a chill fam day turned into slight madness, as the star was followed by fans and propositioned for photos. Sorry dude, that’s what happens when you lead Canada to a legendary win. The entire country is filled with all these warm fuzzy feelings of accomplishments and it’s thanks to you!

Some are speculating this might’ve been last on his list before leaving the country. However, some say he stay. We say he would probably look cute in a rain poncho aboard the Maid of the Mist.

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