Environment Canada says Toronto’s summer heat is here to stay

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If you’ve been enjoying the super intense summer heat, you’re in luck. And if you haven’t, well, we’re sorry. Because the latest news from Environment Canada is in and it looks like these scorching temps in Toronto are here to stay. At least for the next little while.

Yup, this heat is coming close to record-breaking in the city. Our heatwave so far has been six consecutive days above 30°C. Plus, we’re expecting three more days of scorchers, which will bring our total up to nine days in a row. In order to break the record, we’d have to beat the last high of 12 days straight above 30°C in the summer of 1953.

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And although we’ll be getting a little break with a few days in the 20s, overall, it looks like these high temps are gonna be here all summer. Environment Canada predicts that we can expect the scorching heat well into August. So if you haven’t stocked up on sunscreen yet, now’s the time to do it.

So if you’re spending a lot of time outside this summer, make sure you’re staying hydrated. And also take note of where the emergency cooling centres in the city are. Stay safe, everyone!