Environment Canada says this July was one of the hottest Toronto has seen

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Anyone who’s been in Toronto this summer knows that the weather has been pretty crazy. From insane storms to scorching heat, this summer has certainly felt out of the ordinary. But now we’ve got some official info to back that up, as Environment Canada has just deemed this July as one of the hottest in the city in 65 years.

So what does it take to qualify as a record-breaking scorching summer? According to Environment Canada, it’s the number of days where the heat is higher than 30°C. And this year, we had plenty of those. In the month of July, 17 days passed that threshold. The last time we saw numbers that high in Toronto was way back in 1955, with 19 days above 30°C.

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environment canada

And even the days that didn’t hit the 30°C mark were still VERY warm. We had two days in July that grazed the threshold, at 29.6°C and 29.9°C. And on top of all that, we had a ton of days that felt wayyyy higher than 30°C. Remember that week where the humidex got up into the 40s? Whew, how could we forget?

Now, (thankfully) August seems to be cooling things down a little. So the rest of the summer likely won’t be quite so intense. But we’ll still be bringing loads of water and looking for shady spots when we hit the streets of the city. And we think you should too.

Stay safe out there, people.