Costco Canada now asking customers to wear masks while shopping

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If you’re hoping to head out to Costco for the essentials any time soon, this is the update for you. While the popular wholesaler has been open amid COVID-19 for quite a while. They’ve got some new information for shoppers. As of now, Costco Canada is asking that customers wear masks while shopping in their stores.

We can’t say this is exactly surprising. Costcos in the States have had this in effect for a while now. But now it looks like Canadians will have to comply too.

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Of course, the masks are there to keep folks safe and slow the spread of the virus. And more and more spots have been opting for mask requirements in their stores every day.

If you’re shopping with children under two, there’s no need to worry about masks for the little ones. Also, if you’re unable to wear a mask due to a medical condition, you are exempt from the rule too.

So pick up some masks people! We’ve got a feeling that Costco won’t be the last place asking you to wear one…

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