City pools and gyms are set to reopen with online reservations

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Is it just us or did fitness kinda get thrown out the window this summer? Yeah, yeah we’re in the middle of a pandemic, we probably should cut ourselves some slack. But we’ve gotten to a point where we’re starting to lose sight of where the couch ends and we begin! Perhaps is the tempting lure of Netflix calling our name. Or maybe it’s all the other at-home hobbies we’ve adopted. But whatever it is, we think it’s high time we turn it all around.

Lucky for us, the city thinks so too. Because starting August 17th, indoor gyms and pools in Toronto will be allowing us back into their welcoming arms. And trust us, we’re more than ready for it. Ugh, imagine that feeling of freedom as you course through lap after lap at a swimming pool. Or the hit of endorphins after an afternoon at the gym. Sign us up, please!

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No, literally. Sign us up. That’s how things’ll work at these places, so we may as well hop on board! That’s right, the city is introducing a new online reservation platform for indoor gyms and pools. As John Tory explained in a recent press conference, this is partly to make sure the new public health rules are all being followed and partly to help the city manage high demand of the facilities.

So if you wanna join us in our mid/post-COVID-19 fitness goals, head online and book your reservations today! The platform went live this morning so you can nab your spot ASAP for Monday.