Celebrate the Toronto Zoo’s birthday with major admission discounts!

Via Tail and Fur

Happy birthday to yooooou, happy birthday to yoooou, happy birthday dear zooo, happy birthday to you! Blow your candles out! Oh wait, you can’t. You’re a zoo. We all get to join in the celebration though, because the Toronto Zoo is ringing in their 45th birthday with wicked admission deals this week!

On Thursday, Agust 15th, enjoy 45% off admission all day. Also, the zoo is already open until 9 PM for Dusk to Dawn Thursdays, so it’ll be an extra-long special day!

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When you visit, you’ll be able to enjoy special birthday events, snacks, and animal feedings. Special animal enrichment events will feature giraffes, river otters, tigers, and orangutans, among others. 45% off and 45% more fun? That’s not exact math but you catch our drift.

As the zoo puts it, “the Toronto Zoo has been Canada’s premier Zoo since 1974! When the Zoo first opened its doors, it was considered to be the most innovative and forward-thinking zoo in the world. 45 years later, we are a leader in saving and protecting species at home and abroad, and are extremely proud of the work we do… and connecting people like you to wildlife.”

Happy birthday, zoo!


When: Thursday, August 15
Where: Toronto Zoo, 2000 Meadowvale Rd
Time: 9 AM- 9 PM
Cost: 45% off admission

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