CBRE’s list of top tech cities names Toronto best in Canada

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As the tech industry grows, the cities that hold the bulk of tech talent become more and more influential. Let’s be real, technology basically runs our lives. On an individual level, we’re all addicted to our smartphones. And as a society, technological advancements just keep on progressing. So when we found out that Toronto made it to a top spot on CBRE’s list of tech talent pools across the world, we were pretty darn proud of it.

So CBRE is a commercial real estate firm. And their list tracks which major city markets are leading in technological talent. This includes the recruitment of top talent graduates from tech-focused degree programs. As well as major market influence by the big tech corporations. And as for Toronto’s spot, we came in fourth.

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CBRE list

So out of the entire top-fifty list, Toronto was the highest of the Canadian cities. But some other True North places nabbed spots as well. Within the top 20, Vancouver ranked 12th, Ottawa was 14th, and Montreal came in 16th place. And a little lower down on the list is Calgary in the 34th place.

That’s some pretty impressive stuff, y’all! We’re super proud to be part of a city at the forefront of technology. And if you wanna check out CBRE’s full list, or read more about their work, just head to the official website here.