Catch some Z’s for $10 at this brand new Toronto “Napping Studio”

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While we don’t appreciate that we can’t go the way of the Japanese salaryman and sleep at our desks, it is nice to hear about this new Toronto napping studio. Called ‘Nap it Up’, this spot in the heart of downtown is offering weary Torontonians a place to lay their heads.

Guests can swing by for 25, 55 or 85-minute sessions starting at a mere $10. Inside, they’ll find everything they’ll need to grab a little shuteye before their afternoon meeting.

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Amenities include sleeping masks, a lavender-scented area, and an optional white noise machine. After waking up, guests can enjoy a mint and a little water before they head out. Privacy is also a priority, so heavy curtains separate each bed.

The creators of Nap it Up say that with some Torontonians working 12 hour days, the idea of a mid-day nap should be a no-brainer. We agree- we’re only at the office for 8 hours or so and there have been times when we’ve almost passed out in the break room.

Even Yelp has got a list of the best places to nap in Toronto (hint: it’s the TTC). So, we think a Toronto napping studio is long overdue.

Nap it Up

Hours: Monday to Friday, 11AM-5PM, Closed Saturday and Sunday
Where: Yonge Eglinto Centre