Canada Goose just released a special jacket honouring Toronto

Via Canada Goose

Way back in the 1950s, Canada Goose opened headquarters in a teeny Toronto warehouse. Since then, the brand has exploded into a beacon of luxury and winter preparedness. Now, the retailer is releasing a special parka to honour the city it all began in.

We know we’ve got readers on both ends of the love/hate spectrum for Canada Goose. No matter where you stand, we’re just here to deliver the news!

The jacket is specially designed to suit Toronto winters. It’s made of an inner quilted lining and a windbreaking exterior. Both can be worn separately, to keep you warm on the street and cool next to the heater on the subway.

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In fact, there’s a special zippered sleeve pocket for your Presto card, so you can tap and go effortlessly! Neato.

Also, there’s special reflective detailing for visibility during your commute. Gotta stay in one piece crossing the street on those dark winter nights! The most noticeable homage comes in the form of the grab strap across the back, which reads- you guessed it- “Toronto.”

The women’s comes in crisp white, which is apparently the top seller at their Yorkdale store. The men’s comes in an understated navy/black.

Thanks for loving us, Canada Goose. Now, the big question: how much will this piece of gear set you back? A whopping $1,500. You fancy peeps enjoy! We might stick with, well, almost any other parka.

Check out the Canada Goose Toronto jacket right here.

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