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Canada approves NHL plan to return to play in hub cities

Via NHL.com

NHL hub

Howdy, folks! On Friday, the Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland announced that Canada has approved a return to play plan from the NHL. This represents a major step forward in Canada potentially having its own hub city, in addition to Las Vegas in the US.

Freeland was joined by public health officials Dr. Tam and Dr. Njoo. Basically, Canada is cool with enforcing a ‘cohort’ style quarantine that puts the protection of both the players and the general public first. We’ve yet to see a detailed plan about this, but we’re confident it’ll look something like what’s going on in BC.

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Meanwhile, the CBC has reported that the three frontrunners for a Canadian hub city are Toronto, Vancouver, and Edmonton. This is reinforced by Freeland thanking these provinces specifically for working with the federal government to get the plan approved.

The competition to become the second NHL hub city is heating up by the day, folks! We’ll keep you informed about any new updates.