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What to expect at Toronto’s hottest new Barre studio

Via Curiocity Toronto

If you know what Barre Belle is, your thighs are already burning just reading this. If not, stay tuned because we have an exclusive look at the hottest workout trend in Toronto right now! It takes elements of dance, strength training, and cardio to turn your noodly bits into strong bits. Looking at you, triceps.

First off, every Barre Belle instructor has formal dance training. The workouts themselves combine dance-inspired elements and strength in an interval setting for max shred.

There are a couple of different kinds of classes you can take. Firstly, the classic is Barre Belle Fit. This is a full-body, interval focused workout. You start at the barre, progress to interval cardio, and finish off on the mat for core work.

Also, there’s Barre Belle Fat Burn. This one’s a full body class where you start with strength and then get demolished by cardio.

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Additionally, for those who want mid-workout life crisis and regret, we’ve got Barre X. This is high-intensity strength and HIIT cardio to really make you wonder why you ever signed up. We envy the people who enjoy this, but we’re also terrified of them and they are not to be trusted.

Then, they’ve got Ass and Abs. Yeah, this one is exactly what it sounds like. We’re sculpting a masterpiece here, people!

Then, there’s Barre Strength, which is focused around heavier weights to remind you just how much room for improvement there is in your ability to lift things. Finally, new moms can bring their little ones to Belles & Babes for a workout while their spawn sleeps.

Ignore the $2200 price tag for an annual membership, and just think of the adorable crop sweaters and leggings. Also, think of the gainz. So many gaaaainz!


Where: 477 Eglinton Ave & coming soon to Queen West
Cost: Single classes start at $28, 2 week unlimited into offer $55

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