Amazon is bringing 600 new tech jobs to town

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amazon toronto offices

Start studying up on your tech-skills, people, because Amazon is coming to Toronto with 600 new jobs.

Sure, we may have lost the second Amazon Headquarters to that New York City & Arlington, Virginia combination, but as far as consolation prizes go this one isn’t half bad.

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Ok, so you’re getting excited because you love online shopping and you know how to restart a Wifi router. Well, sorry to break it to ya, lil’ buddy, but this job ain’t no joke! Amazon is going to be recruiting the best and brightest tech-minds the GTA has to offer, so unless you’ve got a touch of Elon Musk in you, you might be out of luck. Regardless of your chances to secure a job, this is exciting news for the city. Toronto has become a tech-hub over the last few years and it’s been a great look for the city. After all, looking smart is 50% of actually being smart (don’t fact-check that).








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The jobs should be filled over the next few years and are supposed to be going into a new downtown Toronto office that will fill over 113,000 square feet of space!

We’ll be sure to keep an eye on more details for you as they come along. In the meantime, study that comp-sci and let’s get this tech-bread!

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