Air Canada thinks worldwide travel will be back by Christmas

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Being stuck inside has been giving us serious cabin fever. We’ve taken to spending most of our days dreaming about trips across the world while stuck in our isolation location. Is it just us, or does home feel like it’s getting smaller every day? Well, if you’re also dreaming of seeing the world once this is all over, Air Canada has got some news for you.

The Vice President of the company, Tim Strauss, has recently said that he thinks worldwide travel could be back by Christmas time. That’s not too long from now! Just think, in a few short months, okay maybe more than a few, you could be on board a flight to your next vacation.

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Of course, there’s still lots to figure out before the airlines are actually able to fully reopen. Like for starters, the reopening of economies across the world. There’s no point in visiting somewhere unless their quarantine restrictions are lifted.

And also the cleanliness of planes. Strauss pointed out that he thinks travellers will be wary of risking infection when they board. So the company is working toward adding new regulations for sanitization. For example, hiring extra staff to clean more efficiently between flights so that standards are met without causing delays. And also increasing the frequency of cleaning onboard.

So start planning that beach vacation! And let’s all cross our fingers that worldwide travel really does come back by December. Stay healthy, folks.